From cabinet doors to drawers, 10 things you must know about wardrobe design.

 A good wardrobe design can make use of every inch of space, often worn clothes, shoes, bags, bedding, etc. As well as the out-of-season clothes and quilts that need to be stored, they all need good space division so that they will not be wasted. Sometimes it takes a long time to open the wardrobe to find a suitable dress, which is the unreasonable design of the wardrobe.
The design of the wardrobe should pay attention to the following points:
① Wardrobe size In the house, you can make as many wardrobes as possible, and store a lot of clothes to make the house clean and tidy, but some houses are relatively small, so reasonable planning is required. It is especially important to know the dimensions and parameters of the wardrobe before planning. There are four types of wardrobe openings: The first is the swing door. The depth of the wardrobe with the swing door can be 500-600mm. At the same time, we have to consider that the open door has a radius of opening, so there are certain requirements for the spacing of the bedroom. After placing the bed, we must consider whether the cabinet door can be opened. At the same time, we should pay attention to the width of the cabinet door is 450-600mm, which is the best. The door is too wide and too heavy, and the damage to the hinge is also relatively large. The second is the sliding door. When the wardrobe is used as a sliding door, considering that the double door is used as a track to occupy a part of the space, the minimum width should be 600mm. The best door width is 600-800mm. Since the sliding door has no opening radius, it is more space-saving for small-sized bedrooms. The third type is the folding door. The folding door only needs a single track, so the depth of the cabinet can be 550-600mm, which saves space. At the same time, the folding door can be designed to be double-folded, and the door opening radius is relatively small, so it can also be used in small spaces. in the bedroom. However, it should be noted that the hinge slides and other hardware of the folding door should be used as well as possible. The advantage of the folding door is that it takes up less space and has a large opening space for the door. The fourth type is the open cloakroom. The open wardrobe is also called the doorless wardrobe. It is generally used in the cloakroom. The luxurious atmosphere has become a part of the decoration, but there is a disadvantage that it is easy to fall ash. It is also more space-saving.
② Suits, stiff shirts, coats, overcoats and other bulky clothing in the hanging area should be hung with stiff materials. Clothes made of this material will not be folded well if they are stacked and stored. Instead, they will take up more space. There will be creases. Generally, the height of the top area is 1000-1200mm. The height of the long coat area is 1400-1700mm, which is used to hang coats, windbreakers, etc. (The hem should be about 8cm away from the bottom plate after hanging clothes)
③Pants rack Trousers and some straight trousers are hung here, and the height of the drawer of the pants rack is 80-100mm. The height of the hanging space should not be less than 600mm. Pay attention to the choice of trouser rack. Try not to choose a vertical trousers rack, because there are too few trousers to hang, and a maximum of ten trousers can be hung in one grid, which wastes too much space. Try to choose a horizontally hanging telescopic trousers rack. You can hang more than two rows in one grid, so that the number of trousers can be doubled. In addition, it is recommended to recommend a super easy-to-use telescopic multi-layered trousers rack. This trousers rack can be unfolded flat. It can also be folded up to hang five pairs of pants on a shelf, so that more than 60 pairs of pants can be hung in one grid, which is very easy to use and saves a lot of space, so that the pants do not have to be folded and have creases.
 ④ Stacking area The height spacing of the stacking area should not be too high, and the spacing of the laminates should be controlled at a height of 350-500mm. At the same time, the partition should not be fixed, and should be set as a removable movable board to increase the flexibility of storage. In addition, it is recommended to put some useful storage compartments. Each folded clothes is separated separately, which is convenient to take and can also store clothes neatly. Otherwise, taking a piece of clothing from under a stack will clutter the wardrobe.
⑤The quilt area The quilt area is not often used, so it is a space for storing some out-of-season quilts. It is generally placed in the top space of the wardrobe for storage. The inner diameter of the quilt area is recommended to be 400-500mm high.
⑥Drawers Generally speaking, the drawers are not easy to place too low, especially the wardrobe design in the elderly room. It is inconvenient to bend over to take the items in the drawers. The drawers should be set at a position about one meter away from the ground. It is placed under the drawer, and a stack area is formed above the drawer, so that the entire vertical storage space becomes more rational.
 ⑦Grid drawer It is used to store small items such as ties, belts, underwear, socks, etc. Single layer height is 80-100mm
 ⑧Mirror It is also beautiful to look in the mirror after getting dressed, so you can put a foldable mirror in the closet and pull it out when you need it. In this way, you no longer have to go to the bathroom to look in the mirror when changing clothes, which is practical.
⑨Recommended Small Items Drawer-type storage box, which is very cheap to buy online, convenient and practical, can store intimate clothes such as underwear, underwear, socks, etc., separate from other clothes to ensure clean and tidy. ⑩ The interior of the wardrobe is relatively dark. Even if the bedroom light is turned on, it is inevitable that it is difficult to see clearly when looking for clothes in the wardrobe. A sensor light strip is installed under the inner partition of the wardrobe, and the door will automatically light up when the cabinet door is opened. This can see the items in the closet clearly, and at the same time increase the grade.

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