Intelligent cutting, high-performance milling machining center





12kW High-power Spindle

Realize efficient machining with high quality.

(2)1.5kW Servo Motor

(3)12 pcs linear ATC

Quick Tools change and reliable safety.

(4)7 Vacuumed Chamber

After annealing treatment, 

the machine runs stably and reliably,

finely distribute the vacuum area 

make more strong suction;

Rigid frame with annealed

 the treatment guarantees stable and reliable running.


(5)New & Efficient Dust Collection System

High-efficient dust collection system, 

keeping away from dust/chips. Optional pressing rollers,

Fearless deformation plate, ensuring machining accuracy.

Accurate in tools pre-setting, and efficiency improves.


Fast drawing, intelligent optimization, and simulated path.

Quick and accurate positions to realize automation production.

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