Maintenance and maintenance methods of edge banding machine

 The edge banding machine can perform linear edge banding, trimming and polishing on furniture panels, but many people ignore the maintenance of the edge banding machine in the process of using the automatic edge banding machine. Although maintenance may consume a certain amount of manpower and material resources, it can prolong the service life of the machine and improve work efficiency, so it is very important to maintain the machine. If the furniture edge banding machine is used frequently and the maintenance is not in place, it will lead to the premature aging of the edge banding machine equipment over time, thereby shortening the service life. Therefore, daily care and regular maintenance of the edge banding machine are essential. Maintenance and maintenance of the sealing machine The edge machine mainly has the following basic operations:
1. Regular lubrication: Lubricate the bearings of each part of the edge banding machine with lubricating oil, and be sure to choose the appropriate lubricating oil, otherwise it will also affect the normal use of the edge banding machine.

2. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain the automatic edge banding machine. During the maintenance process, carefully check some wear conditions of gears, bearings and other parts, and replace severely worn parts in time. Once found, fasten them immediately. Replace the screws.
3. Clean up in time: clean up the wood chips and various sundries generated during the production process to prevent the machine from being stuck due to the accumulation of the above waste materials and affect the normal use of the machine. Secondly, clean up some stains on the surface of the machine in time to keep the edge banding machine clean , Also prevent harmful substances from causing corrosion damage to the surface of the fuselage.

4. Timely removal: remove the waste around the edge banding machine and keep the operating area clean.
5. The amount of glue applied and the temperature of use should be adjusted according to the thickness, width and size of the workpiece, as well as the heating capacity of the edge banding machine itself.
6. Regularly clean the glue pot: prevent long-term high-temperature heating from forming carbon deposits, which will affect the normal heating effect of the equipment.
7. The glue return port should be kept unblocked: otherwise, the lower port of the workpiece will be dirty, which will affect the quality. At the same time, the glue will also be attached to the conveyor belt and the travel switch, causing the travel switch to malfunction and damage the workpiece and equipment.

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